Groundsure updates - COMING 11th February

Just to make you aware, Groundsure are making a handful of changes to their product suite, taking effect on tmconvey from Monday 11th February.

You can find a quick summary of the changes here – and more information below.


• New Reports; 

o Energy and Transportation

o Groundsure Con29M

• Enhanced Reports;

o Homebuyers

• Updated; 

o Terms and Conditions

• Withdrawn Reports;

o 7 energy and rail infrastructure data reports

o Homebuyers Plus

Additional information

NEW REPORT : Energy and Transportation Report

Individual energy and rail infrastructure data reports being withdrawn

The new ‘Energy and Transportation’ risk report combines all of Groundsure’s energy and rail infrastructure data into one place, including;

• Major transport projects (HS2, Crossrail 1 and 2)

• Safeguarding areas

• Compensation schemes

• Active and historic railways and tunnels

• Existing and proposed energy generation or extraction sites

Report costs

Residential : £30 + VAT

Commercial For sites <150ha : £60 + VAT

As such, the following residential and commercial reports are being withdrawn;

• Energy Residential Report (GSEnergyR)

• Energy Commercial Report (GSEnergyC)

• Underground Residential Report (GSUnderR)

• Underground Commercial Report (GSUnderC)

• Energy and HS2 report residential (GSEIR)

• Energy and HS2 report commercial (GSEIC)

• HS2 and Crossrail report (GSHS2)


Homebuyers Plus report being withdrawn 

The ‘Homebuyers’ report is being enhanced with all of the additional information currently only available in ‘Homebuyers Plus’, including;

• Flood risk assessment

• Use of Land Registry polygons

• Improved format and workflow

• Only relevant data (and fewer pages)

• Clear and practical next steps

In support of these enhancements, the original ‘Homebuyers Plus’ is being withdrawn and will no longer be available to order on tmconvey.

How much will it cost?

The enhanced Homebuyers report will be available for £51 +VAT.

UPDATED : Terms and Conditions

Groundsure are making a slight amendment to their Terms and Conditions

This “update” is a single change to the following paragraph (5.5) :

5.5 The Client shall promptly provide to Groundsure full details of any claim or complaint received by the Client concerning a Product (a “Claim”). The Client shall not incur any third party costs in relation to a Claim nor make any admission in respect of a Claim on behalf of Groundsure without the prior written consent of Groundsure.  At the request of Groundsure, the Client shall give to Groundsure or its nominee the exclusive control of such Claim.  The Client will (i) consider and consult with Groundsure in respect of any Claim; (ii)  take reasonable account of Groundsure’s representations in respect of any Claim; (iii)  so far as practicable, not make any settlement in respect of a Claim on terms which would have an unreasonable adverse impact on Groundsure’s reputation; (iv) not make any admission in respect of a Claim on behalf of Groundsure without the prior written consent of Groundsure.  For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in this Condition 5.5 applies to any content, services or report that is not provided by Groundsure to the Client.

NEW REPORT : Groundsure Con29M

An official CON29M coal mining report – licensed by the Law Society

The Groundsure CON29M Official Coal Mining Search answers all of the official questions requested in the Law Society guidance notes 2018, and has additional information should the property fall under the Cheshire Brine Compensation area. The report includes official licensed Coal Authority data, and a comprehensive Coal Search Report Insurance Policy.

Report costs

Residential <15ha : £33 + VAT

Commercial <15ha : £80 + VAT/ 15-50ha : £170 + VAT

If you have any questions or queries, please contact your Account Manager, or get in touch with our friendly Helpdesk team on 0800 840 5571 or email 

Groundsure’s new Mine Entry Report – Coming 6th September

COMING SOON: Groundsure UXO report