There are so many challenges facing the conveyancing world in 2017 that some days it can feel as though you are being held to ransom rather than practicing law.

When you join us at the Risky Business Roadshow, our hand-picked team of experts will supply you with tips and advice on how you can better protect, prepare and promote your conveyancing practice; so you can be certain that your firm is as "safe as houses".

Risky Business Roadshow

Here are our Risky Business Seminars. We've mixed things up so you can choose the combination and location that best suits your firms needs.


Protect: your firm from cyber criminals

Evolve from a 'sitting duck' to 'cyber savvy'

With so many cyber risks to keep track of, it is far too easy for your firm and your clients to become ‘sitting ducks’ for criminals to take advantage of.

Join our panel of experts as they explain how your team can become ‘cyber savvy’ by better understanding your vulnerabilities, as well as educating clients on their role in keeping property transactions safe.


Prepare: your team for new laws and regulations

Don't let ignorance cost you a prison sentence

The forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect on 25th May 2018 is a key example of how changes in the law can raise new issues in your day-to-day work.

Ignorance is not an option, as failing to comply with GDPR and other regulations can result in hefty fines and even prison sentences. With so much at stake, our panel of experts are best-placed to reassure you that you have done everything you can to prepare.

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Promote: an unbeatable customer experience

Guarantee new business keeps running through the door

Did you know that every touch point from your website to your telephone manner has the potential to attract new business prospects – and scare them away?

Learn the do’s and don’ts for creating an attractive company website and more, as our panel of experts share simple techniques for converting new business prospects into loyal clients.

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The Speakers

Protect: your firm from cyber criminals

Graeme McGowan

Following 30 years’ experience working for a Government Intelligence Agency, Graeme provides independent consultancy to ensure businesses are well positioned to block the effects of a cyber security breach.

Matthew Newton
Oosha Ltd

Matthew is the Operations Director and co-founder of Oosha Ltd, and regularly advises law firms on the most effective IT security strategies for mitigating the increasing threat of cyber crime.

John Ahmed
Safe Buyer Scheme

John is Director of Safe Buyer Scheme, working in partnership with Crimestoppers, conveyancers and lenders to provide solutions to help make conveyancing safer for firms and their customers.

Prepare: your team for new laws and regulations

Pearl Moses
Law Society

Pearl Moses is the Head of Risk and Compliance for the Law Society of England and Wales. She is a seasoned legal professional and a solicitor with over 12 years’ experience. As a consultant, she specialises in creating tailored compliance solutions to help firms embed sound risk management principles and best practice client care and complaints handling systems.

Brett Warburton-Smith

With more than 25 years’ insurance experience Brett specialises in cyber, data, information security risk and insurance, As well as a founding Partner, Brett is a member of Lockton’s Global Cyber and Technology Practice; the largest cyber team in the London insurance market with clients including some of the largest law firms and global real estate companies in the world.

Graham Reid

Graham Reid specialises in all aspects of the legal services sector, working with individual lawyers, law firms, their professional indemnity insurers and regulators. Graham's practice sees him defending professional negligence claims against lawyers and advising insurers on coverage issues.

Tom Backhouse

Tom Backhouse is the founder and CEO of Terrafirma and has undertaken educational talks on the varied and many risks the ground poses. Tom pursues an ambition of changing the way in which we perceive, identify and act upon environmental risks to better manage and resolve the problems that are increasing in occurrence across the UK.

Michelle Garlick

Having specialised in defending claims against professionals, primarily solicitors, for many years, Michelle is now responsible for Weightmans' Compli service and advises law firms on all aspects of regulation, compliance, and claims and complaints handling. She is also a council member of Manchester Law Society and chair of its regulatory affairs committee and COLP and COFA. A well-known speaker on the legal circuit and she has had a number of articles published in relevant legal media.

David Lorimer
Field Fisher

David is an Employment and Privacy lawyer at Fieldfisher. Much of his work centres on guiding employer businesses around the minefield of data protection regulation. He is currently being kept extremely busy dealing with a range of queries on the General Data Protection Regulation and helping clients to prepare for the upcoming changes. This seminar will look at how the forthcoming GDPR in May 2018 will affect employers and change the landscape on employee data, from background screening, vetting and recruitment, to monitoring employees and their performance.

Promote: an unbeatable customer experience

Sarah Percy
Shoppers Anonymous

Sarah is a Regional Account Manager for Shopper Anonymous who specialise in providing customer insights to businesses to help them deliver a better customer experience. Sarah is passionate about training, especially sales and 'The Customer Journey' to enable individuals to deliver their full potential. She examines current behaviours and how they can be enhanced to deliver exceptional customer service and sales results.

Chris Lowe
Shoppers Anonymous

Chris Lowe is a Director of Shopper Anonymous and an expert in customer service. He supports change and development in a wide range of organisations and sectors. Chris has significant experience working with law firms to improve their customer service and influencing skills. He identifies best practice, so that the most impressive and more unique customer journeys can be built.

Richard Knight
Shoppers Anonymous

Richard Knight is the Regional Director for Shopper Anonymous Dorset, Bath & Wiltshire. He has a background in education, the pharmaceutical industry and learning & development. He has wealth of experience in sales environments and uses the data gathered via mystery shopping to develop individuals and businesses to achieve their goals through surveys, feedback tools, training and coaching.

Rich Dibbins
Conscious Solutions

Rich joined the company in 2012 and has worked with 100s of law firms on their digital marketing strategies including website design, email marketing, lead conversion, social media, SEO, PPC & CRM. An enthusiastic presenter on social media & digital marketing Rich presents in a way people can understand and from which they can learn practical, applicable knowledge.

Clare Yates

Clare Yates has been working in the property industry for over 20 years and prior to joining tmgroup, her career has been in training and development, consultancy, project management, and estate agency.

David Kerr
Moore Legal

Chris Davidson is a Business Development Director, and David Kerr is a Client Relationship Director for Moore Legal Technology, who specialise in using digital marketing activity to help increase turnover. They will be explaining why you should be shouting about how your firm offers a different, better, service than your competition

Chris Davidson
Moore Legal

Chris Davidson is a Business Development Director, and David Kerr is a Client Relationship Director for Moore Legal Technology, who specialise in using digital marketing activity to help increase turnover. They will be explaining why you should be shouting about how your firm offers a different, better, service than your competition