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Produce a professional, accurate quote in less than 30 seconds using our Quote Conversion Tool.

Dealing with new business enquiries can be challenging and time consuming. To simplify the process, we've developed our Quote Conversion Tool. Create, send and track conveyancing quotes quickly and easily using our free tool to streamline your workflow, convert more business with confidence and empower your team.

In less than 30 seconds, you have an accurate, professional quote branded with your firm's details and logo and ready to email. Once a quote has been created, it's simple to convert the quote into an active case and order the required searches and related products.

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Local Authority case study

Before switching to tmcore:

Prior to the switch, the process was inefficient and expensive. It took on average 40 days to return searches – one of the lengthiest turnarounds in the country – and incurred thousands of pounds in annual postage costs. Manual processing was labour intensive, from printing and scanning documents to mailing, with staff shortages prolonging the already time-heavy procedure.

Benefits of moving to tmcore:

After switching to an online process, the local authority enjoyed significant cost savings thanks to a decrease in postage and paper costs plus fewer staff hours. Able to achieve a highly efficient workflow with fewer staff, the department reduced the time of its search turnaround from 40 days to just 17.


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Case Study : Connells Group

Connells Case Study Our customer Connells Group, one of the largest estate agents in the UK, acquired the Peter Alan Estate Agency business in South Wales in 2014. At the time, all 29 Peter Alan branches were using a third party panel manager for their Conveyancing proposition. Having used tmconnect for many years, Connells Group conveyancing services rely on us to give them complete visibility of their transactions, as well as direct control of the MI reporting and data.

Connells chose to migrate all 29 Peter Alan branches to tmconnect within 3 months which included bespoke Welsh conveyancing panel for Peter Alan, managed by Connells Group on their behalf.

"I was impressed by the enthusiasm and the proactive approach tmgroup took to this particularly demanding challenge. As a result, this project was our first big success story from our acquisition, with immediate financial benefit to Peter Alan. tmgroup were at the heart of it.

"From being a search provider to the legal industry, tmgroup has now evolved its range of services to become an indispensable supplier to our estate agency business, whether supplying information for marketing packs, instructing our home conveyancing service, supporting panel management, secure document delivery, or sales progression."

Roger Wilson - Conveyancing Services Director, Connells Group

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"It is reassuring to know that the tm helpdesk are a phone call/e-mail away if we should need any assistance or further information. I would thoroughly recommend tm's services."
Claire Humphreys, Charles Coleman LLP
"When we started using tmconvey to order our property searches, we noticed a big difference in efficiency"
Stephen Carr, Hart Scales & Hodges Solicitors
"It is easy to use all or part of their services to fit the needs of our individual clients. We would not hesitate to recommend them to all solicitors whom carry out residential and commercial conveyancing work."
Sarah Cookson, Switalskis Solicitors

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Research reports & insight

From topical weekly polls that give you the heads up on where the industry is moving, to whitepapers that shed light on key issues, our research ensures you're well informed about what really matters.

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Latest Report : Customer Service Home Truths

How good is your firm at handling new business enquiries? We sought to find out. In August 2015, we conducted a 'mystery shopper'-style study of 100 conveyancing firms to determine how effective they are when quoting & closing prospective new clients. We then wrote a report detailing 11 steps that conveyancers should take to improve their customer service to enable them to convert more new business enquiries into paying clients.



We run a comprehensive programme of national and regional events complemented by in-house sessions as well as webinars, so you can easily fit training into your day.

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The #convey100 is our unique, weekly leaderboard for conveyancers. Every Friday the top 100 firms are ranked by their level of influence on social media over the previous week.

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