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Navigating a high-risk environment – Cyber Security Essentials

14 MARCH 2024

Hosted by Mike Hughes, CTO and Emily Haskey, Senior Relationship Manager at LMS confirmly. We look at the landscape that is Cyber Security in 2024.


Anti-money laundering: getting it right & making a difference

13 March 2024

With fraud and money laundering increasing in the UK, it emphasises the need for professional collaboration to combat economic crime. In this webinar with Thirdfort, we will provide tips and guidance on conducting client due diligence, identifying red flags, and implementing effective anti-money laundering procedures.


10 good habits for conveyancers dealing with risk – Fraud

21 February 2024

Join us as we as our industry experts discuss 10 good habits for conveyancers dealing with risk - fraud. Brought to the market by tmgroup and IQ Legal Training.


Top 3 tips: How to recruit, train & retain the best talent

7 November 2023

Listen to our industry experts provide their top tips on ways to improve staff retention and attract the leaders of tomorrow. Everything from well-being initiatives and benefits packages to tools to do the job, succession planning and training.


Optimise your firm’s efficiency utilising InTouch and tmgroup

11 October 2023

If you would like to find out more about how InTouch and tmgroup integration can help support your firms efficiency please register today.


Top 3 tips: How to unburden your staff through process improvements

26th September 2023

Join our panel of industry experts to hear what you can do to free up staff to spend their time where it’s most needed and generate cost-saving business efficiencies along the way. Everything from automation and achievable quick wins in technology adoption to simple process improvements and open API models


Top 3 tips: How to drive material change

11 July 2023

Hear our panel of experts’ views on how we can best educate consumers, our peers and the Government in order to drive trust, understanding, confidence, and investment in the property industry for the benefit of all.


Top 3 tips: How to stop the blame game

6 JUNE 2023

Listen to our property experts from across the industry share practical tangible tips on how we can stop talking about collaborating and actually do it. Everything from National conveyancing week and upfront information to building trust, understanding one another’s processes, and mandatory training.


Groundsure Webinar: Understanding Climate Risks and how to advise your client in the property transaction

17 May 2023

With the recent publication of the Law Society Guidance on climate risks, it is important to translate the findings from climate analysis in our environmental searches to actionable advice.


Common environmental risks in agricultural land transactions and what to do next

26 April 2023

Purchasing agricultural land can be complex and involve a long list of enquiries that need to be made. From current and historic rights of way, to abstraction licenses and discharge consents, or agricultural land classifications, section B8 of the conveyancing handbook is extensive. In this session, we are going to look at what data and information these types of transactions involve, the most commonly flagged issues and queries Groundsure get in regards to agricultural land, and what the recommended guidance and next steps are for those scenarios.


Top 3 tips: How to win in a volatile market

4 MAY 2023

Join our industry experts as they provide their top practical tips on how to set yourself apart and win new business in this changeable market. Looking at everything from Marketing initiatives and data-led insight to network leveraging and fee structures.


Mining in the North East – what are the impacts and what you can do to help inform your clients?

16 MARCH 2023

Mining risk in the UK is a lot more wide spread than we think. With 866,266 recorded pits, 390,482 recorded quarries, and 8.2M residential properties which could be affected by non-coal mining risk, these numbers reveal the extensive nature of non-coal mining features across England and Wales.


tmtv Special – ‘Back to the Future’

6 February 2023

‘Back to the future’ tm:tv special 14th February - Join us as we discuss some of the key themes coming out of this year’s cross-industry report.


Top 5: Keys to unlocking the property transaction

20 October 2022

Host, Paul Albone, Chief Operations Officer (COO) at tmgroup, was joined by: Stuart Young - MD of Etive, Jeremy Raj - National Head of Residential Property at Irwin Mitchell, David Bridge - Head of Conveyancing at Kiteleys Solicitors Limited, Eddie Davies - Deputy Director Digital Services at HM Land Registry & Timothy Bannister - Director at Rightmove.


Top 5: Things we can learn from overseas property processes

4 October 2022

Host, Joe Pepper, CEO of tmgroup, was joined by: Eddie Goldsmith - Co-Founder of YouConvey, Heather Crichton - General Manager, Industry Readiness at PEXA, Allison Bradbury - Head of Local Land Charges Implementation at HM Land Registry, Jordan Kostelac - director:PropTech@JLL Asia & Vanessa Burgess-Mason - Sales Representative - Chestnut Park Real Estate Ltd, Brokerage.


Top 5: Positive property industry disrupters

20 September 2022

Host, Jonathan Stebbings, Director at Conveyancing Data Services (CDS), is joined by: Simon Whale - Founder of Kerfuffle, Maria Harris - Director of Digital Cat Consultancy Ltd, Harvey Harding - Managing Director at PM Property Lawyers, & Chris Harris


Top 5: Initiatives to boost collaboration across the property transaction

24 May 2022

The series continued at 12 noon on Tuesday 24th May with ‘Top 5: Initiatives to boost collaboration across the property transaction’, where an eclectic and experienced panel of guest speakers shared their thoughts on how people, processes and technology all have a part to play in enabling better collaboration across the property transaction - for the benefit of all.


Top 5: Ways to improve staff retention in property roles

26 April 2022

The series continued at 12 noon on Tuesday 26th April with ‘Top 5: Ways to improve staff retention in property roles’, where an eclectic and experienced panel of guest speakers will share their thoughts on everything from finding the right people and training them, to wellbeing, flexible working, staff retention strategy, and more!


Top 5: Ideas for future proofing the property industry

24 March 2022

tm:tv is continuing into 2022 with a 6-part series called Achieving Change: Think tomorrow, act today! - set to take part across Spring and Autumn this year in a refreshing ‘Top 5’ format. Brought to the market by tmgroup, Conveyancing Data Services (CDS) and mio, the series will invite property industry experts to share their wish lists for driving positive change.


Digital AP1s – Know your options

7 March 2022

Mandatory digital AP1 submission is coming… Do you know your options?


tm:tv Special: Are you Surviving or Thriving in ‘The New Normal’?

18 January 2022

tmgroup, mio and Conveyancing Data Services (CDS) have kicked off 2022 with a tm:tv special to coincide with the launch of their newest research report – The New Normal.


tm:tv Panel Debate: Is the pace of digitisation quick enough?

21 October 2021

The panel of property data experts take an in-depth look at the impact of digitisation within the industry, the challenges we face ahead, and if changes are really being made quickly enough.


tm:tv – What has the last year taught us?

30 September 2021

A reunion of tm:tv’s charismatic property panel, as they look back on 2021 and reflect on how it compares to the predictions made back in January, as well as look ahead to what the rest of the year may bring.


Planning data must be overhauled to enable better informed decisions

11 May 2021

Planning may be top of everyone’s minds right now, but the data underpinning it is in desperate need of an overhaul, according to the panel of the latest tm:tv session “Understanding the value of planning data”:


Paper-based processes making residential property easy target for money launderers

02 November 2020

In a recent tm:tv session, tmgroup’s CEO Joe Pepper explored how and why the residential property market continues to be a money laundering target.


Buyers and Sellers have a role to play in speeding up transactions

01 October 2020

According to the latest tm:tv panel debate ‘Is the property market faking it?’, buyers and sellers could help reduce the pressure by taking proactive steps to manage their transaction


Senior property professionals must do more to support diversity

01 October 2020

The tm:tv panel representing estate agents, surveyors and conveyancers shared their experiences of how the industry is failing to offer opportunities to ethnic minorities, as well as those identifying as disabled or members of the LBGTQ+ community