Top 5: Keys to unlocking the property transaction

tm:tv brought the 2022 6-part series called Achieving Change: Think tomorrow, act today! to a close with the final discussion of the year.

The series continued at 12 noon on Thursday 20th October 2022 with ‘Top 5: Keys to unlocking the property transaction’, where an eclectic and experienced panel of guest speakers discussed how changes to regulation, technology adoption and more could help to remove significant barriers and speed up the property transaction.

Host, Paul Albone, Chief Operations Officer (COO) at tmgroup, was joined by:

• Stuart Young, MD of Etive

• Jeremy Raj, National Head of Residential Property at Irwin Mitchell

• David Bridge, Head of Conveyancing at Kiteleys Solicitors Limited

• Tim Smith, Founder and CEO at Insight Legal Software

• Timothy Bannister, Director at Rightmove