TM Group – April 2024 Product Bulletin

What’s changing?

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Making money transfers safe for law firms with confirmly

Price increases from 1st May 2024

Upcoming LLC changes – the next to digitise


Supplier price changes from 1st April 2024

Recent LLC changes


New: Making money transfers safe for law firms with confirmly

confirmly is a fast, trusted and secure law firm identity checking technology, specifically designed for law firms to tackle rising levels of fraud in the industry.  We have now added confirmly as a tile solution to our tmconvey and tmconnect platforms. Through this integration, our customers will now have even easier and quicker order access to the confirmly identity checking technology, enabling an even more efficient conveyancing journey to all stakeholders in a property transaction and helping to deliver a more secure and efficient journey.

confirmly harnesses LMS Panel Link and specialist third party data to provide real-time monitoring for law firms, enabling automatic account detail verification before any funds are transferred, thereby reducing the risk of falling victim to scams. With millions of pounds transferred daily, verifying details before conveyancing funds are released is crucial to preventing fraudsters from exploiting borrowers in the process.

What makes confirmly different?

– The data that sits behind the technology is obtained through LMS Panel Link, a service that connects mortgage lenders with legal firms who meet specific quality, security and compliance criteria

– Information is constantly updated and checked through 1000s of direct interactions each year

– Law firms can be notified straight away if they have been involved in a data mismatch

– Relied upon and trusted by lenders

– Proactive updates and monitoring

– An indemnified service that provides that extra peace of mind

– SRA alerts, including those for fraud.


To find out more about confirmly, click here. 


New: Price increase in Highways searches from 1 May

We’ve reviewed the cost changes made by the Local Authorities for these searches during April and will be applying price changes to the platform from 1 May.


New: Land Registry LLC1 changes

As you may already be aware, the following have digitised their LLC data:

Just a reminder, the following have recently digitised their LLC data:

– Hastings Borough Council – 19th March 2024

– Woking Borough Council – 21st March 2024

–  Gedling Borough Council – 27th March 2024

What will happen with the orders I place?

For tmconvey customers, the process for ordering an LLC1 from these councils remains exactly the same. You’ll just notice some differences in the way your results are returned:

– Your LLC1 result will be returned faster than normal (typically within 24 hours), as the report will be processed via the new LR Digital Register

– There will be some changes to the LLC1 report format, as the data will be returned from Land Registry – instead of your Local Authority

– The LLC1 and CON29 will be billed separately and appear on separate lines of any invoices you receive

– Free Refresh : Once your LLC1 has been returned, you can also benefit from a free refresh of the results – at the press of a button.

– The CON29 will continue to be returned as it always has been in accordance with the Local Authority turnaround time, as specified at the point of order.



A number of our search suppliers changed their prices from 1st April 2024.

Click here to view full details of the price change.

– Groundsure
– Coal Authority Mining Searches
– Severn Trent Water
– Thames Water
– Welsh Water
– Wessex Water
– Yorkshire Water
– DevAssist Planning Searches
– Cornwall Mining Consultants