AVAILABLE NOW - our market research report
'Back to the Future'

The report brings together the voices of 850 property professionals, including residential conveyancers, commercial real estate professionals, estate agents, lenders, surveyors, developers, and more; capturing how those working on the frontline of the property transaction really feel the industry is adapting to ‘The New Normal’ and if going ‘Back to the Future’ is the best way forward.

The report will discuss the highs and lows of 2022 and where the industry needs to improve in order to succeed into 2023 and beyond, including;

  • How different property professionals vary in their response to the latest tech, operational and wellbeing initiatives
  • Is the property industry finally catching up with tech adoption?
  • What further changes do we need to see to make homeworking a long-term feature of the industry?
  • How can all property professionals play their part in speeding up the property transaction?
  • What trends are set to drive demand in 2023 and beyond?
  • Are firms operational models robust enough to deal with the challenges ahead?





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