Confirmly by LMS
NOW AVAILABLE from tmgroup and CDS

For law firms, fraud is a real risk. When transferring client monies, how can you be sure the bank or law firm details you’ve been given aren’t connected to a scam?

Designed specifically for law firms, confirmly is fast, trusted and secure law firm identity checking technology. Providing real time monitoring to law firms by harnessing LMS Panel Link and Specialist data to verify details quickly with proactive alerts that protect for the life of the transaction.

Using confirmly, law firms can confirm that conveyancing funds and other monies are being sent to the genuine bank accounts and genuine firms, reducing risk and stopping scams.

Confirmly offer essential protection that delivers real peace of mind through:

>> Audited data sourced from LMS Panel Link
>> Simple to search
>> Indemnified service
>> Ongoing support with proactive monitoring and feedback
>> Easy access
>> Reduce manual intervention without reducing risk

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