4 Value-Added Services Conveyancing Solicitors Can Offer to Differentiate Their Client Experience

Research has shown that just 1 in 10 clients choose a conveyancing solicitor based on who offers the cheapest fee; meaning 9 out of 10 clients are swayed on other factors.

Throughout our 2016 CPD series ‘Because You’re Worth It’, we spoke to a number of conveyancing solicitors about the initiatives they’ve tried to differentiate their client experience.

Here are 4 value-added services some firms are already offering to differentiate their client experience…

1. A drop in service for first-time buyers

Giving first time buyers the opportunity to drop in and ask any questions they may have can help to reassure them of the process to follow.

It can also help them to put a face to a name and establish a stronger personal relationship with their appointed solicitor, as well as clear up any confusion that could cause time-consuming issues at a later date.

This service doesn’t have to be available all day, every day, but advertising a few hours in your week (where you can afford a bit of disruption) might just mean the world to your clients.

2. Staying open during lunchtime

There are still a number of firms that close for a whole hour for lunch, making it challenging for both other solicitors and their clients to contact them.

This is especially impractical for clients who may work nearby and only have their own lunch hour free to make appointments or phone calls.

Being able to advertise that clients can easily get in touch with you during their lunchbreak will help to set you aside from your competitors.

This change in opening hours can be achieved through a staggered lunchtime system, with fee-earners starting their lunch at different times between 12 noon and 2pm; so someone is always in the office.

3. Last minute “out of hours” appointments

Between work, childcare, and other commitments, it can be difficult for clients to find the time to sign important paperwork during typical office hours.

Offering a flexible service, where clients can make arrangements out of hours at short notice to come into the office, can help prevent unnecessary delays as you near completion.

This works particularly well if you have one or two fee-earners living near the office, as it won’t be too much of an inconvenience for them to occasionally nip across at 8.30pm to briefly meet a client.

4. Opening every Saturday morning as standard

Some firms have started to open every Saturday morning (9am – 12 noon) as standard, to offer a more convenient service to their clients.

While this will require some disruption to your typical working week, you may find these changes suit some of your fee-earners.

For example, those with young children may be happy to pick up the weekend shift if it means they can finish slightly earlier Monday to Friday.

Marketing Director, Ben Harris, comments:
“It is becoming increasingly important for conveyancing solicitors to focus on more than just price when it comes to attracting new clients. As these examples suggest, some firms are already rising to the challenge and offering value-added services that set themselves apart from their competitors.”

“It is important to add however, that adding these services as a stand-alone exercise isn’t enough to secure new business. Firms also need to be doing more to advertise that these value-added options are available, during initial telephone enquiries and on the company website.”

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