7 ways mio has already changed life at William H Brown for the better

It’s been almost a month since Louisa Crook, Branch Partner at William H Brown in Wakefield started using sales progression and communication tool mio. Here she shares how it’s already making day-to-day sales progression quicker and easier.

1. I know exactly what’s top priority when I come into work each morning 

“It’s great that all of my tasks are highlighted on the dashboard as soon as I log in, as I can see exactly what I need to do, dive straight in and get it sorted. 

It’s particularly helpful, as I don’t need to think about what to do first or waste time reviewing files of information, especially when I’m so busy managing my branches as well.” 

2. The next steps in the sales progression process are clear for everyone 

“Before using mio, we relied on our own diary management to understand what we needed to do next to drive each sale to completion. This not only made it quite time-consuming to keep check of what needed to happen and when, but it also made sales progression challenging for less experienced members of the team – as they mainly relied on a paper manual of milestones to guide them through the process. 

Now, it’s so straightforward. The tasks, chain view and milestones help everyone to understand where each property is in the sales progression process. It’s clear to see it’s been designed by Estate Agents for Estate Agents.”

3. Emailing other estate agents and solicitors is simple – with just one click

“With mio, you have everything you need at your fingertips – including handy extra features to make life easier. One of my favourites is the ability to click on the name of a solicitor or other estate agent in the chain and open up an email in Outlook. I can get typing straight away and there’s no faffing around with finding the right email address, or worrying that I’ve mistyped their name.”

4. It’s quick and easy to find and open my current cases 

“I love it when things are simple and easy to use. The dashboard itself is particularly helpful, as it always shows my most recent cases, so I can dip into them quickly, progress the property transaction and update my notes.” 

5. There’s no barriers to sharing information or doing holiday handovers

“We used to keep a mix of handwritten notes and electronic records, which made it tricky to handover to colleagues during annual leave. Particularly as the handwritten notes weren’t always easy to read. As there were no time stamps on any of our notes, it could also be a challenge to know when a file was last updated and what needed to happen next. 

With mio, it’s great that everyone can see everything they need all in one place – from tasks and time-stamped notes, to milestone updates – so it’s simple and straightforward for one of my colleagues to just pick up where I left off.” 

6. Notes are time-stamped, easy to add – and can be as long as you like

“With our previous system, we had some issues with adding notes, as tapping the return key would trigger an auto save (instead of skipping to the next line) and we’d often end up with lots of bitty notes against a property. 

However, with mio, our notes can be as long as we like. As it’s so intuitive, we also don’t have to worry about any issues with the return key. We just click save when we’re done. It’s so much easier to add and review the information we need and keep each property up to date.”

7. It’s easier for us to share information between branches 

“All of our branches used to use different systems and processes to progress a sale, so if I needed to go to another branch, I would need to spend time understanding their way of working – before I could make any progress. mio has changed all that. By using the same system and milestones across all of our branches, it’s so much easier to switch between them. 

Across our branches, we’re also finding that we’re working together more and more to build a shared view of our connected chains – instead of duplicating effort across the business.”

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