Are ‘All in One’ Environmental Reports Improving Efficiency?

‘All in one’ environmental reports are making it quicker and easier for conveyancers to report next steps back to their clients – without compromising on quality.

By combining several key data sources and presenting necessary actions clearly, ‘all in one’ environmental reports such as Groundsure Avista and Landmark RiskView Residential are making time-consuming interpretation a thing of the past.

This is mostly due to the sheer breadth of information included, which enables conveyancers to order just one environmental report whilst still performing due diligence for their clients.

For example, Avista combines 7 key environmental risks including includes Flood risk, Planning applications, Contaminated Land, Ground stability, Radon, Transportation, and Energy.

Similarly, RiskView Residential presents 6 environmental risks as previously provided in 4 separate reports: Flood Risk, Contaminated Land, Ground Hazards, and Energy & Infrastructure – with ‘Plansearch Plus’ available as an ‘add on’ at the time of ordering.

A clear snapshot view helps conveyancers prioritise their work

A further benefit of these ‘all in one’ environmental reports is that all of this information is presented with a snapshot summary of actions, which makes it easier for conveyancers to know what to do next.

For example, Avista Action Alert presents conveyancers with a clear 1-5 rating. This acts as a useful visual image providing immediate understanding of the outcomes of the report.

This also helps conveyancers to prioritise their work, as they frequently receive several reports on the same day, which can make it challenging to decide which one to read first.

The clear risk rating enables conveyancers to prioritise their work at a quick glance and feel confident that all of their property transactions are progressing.

Simple summary pages make it easier for conveyancers to feedback to clients 

The clear presentation of each summary page also makes it far easier for conveyancers to digest next steps and pass key findings onto their clients.

RiskView Residential further supports this by providing an online viewer for conveyancers to share with their clients.

These features help to remove some of the delays typically associated with interpreting lengthy reports, and further streamlines the conveyancing process.

A wealth of data available at a reasonable price

Despite the wealth of benefits available in these ‘all in one’ reports, the ordering costs are surprisingly reasonable; Groundsure Avista comes in at an RRP of just £79+VAT, and Landmark RVR has an RRP of £83.00+VAT.

Compared to the price of ordering all of this information in multiple reports, and the time spent reading through them all, these latest offerings provide significant time and cost savings for the conveyancing sector. The shorter length of the reports also mean that it is quicker and cheaper to print when needed.

Simon Wood, Sales Director at tmgroup, comments: 

“The availability of these ‘all in one’ environmental reports have marked an innovative step forward for conveyancing efficiency, making it quicker and easier for conveyancers to review key findings quickly” without compromising on quality.”

“It is clear that conveyancers’ needs are at the heart of these latest reports too, with features such as the clear 1-5 rating responding specifically to the on-going challenges faced by conveyancers in prioritising their clients competing interests.” 

Try an ‘all in one’ environmental report today 

Groundsure Avista and Landmark RiskView Residential are available to order now through the new tmconvey platform.

Visit for more information.

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