Crossrail2 data added to Groundsure Avista

Groundsure are pleased to announce that they have updated their Groundsure Avista report with a new Transportation section – including the proposed Crossrail2 route.

Groundsure offer the only environmental reports in the searches market to feature this data – and this report will be available to order on tmconvey from Thursday 5th July.

Highlights of the new Transportation section include:

• HS2 Noise and visual impact*

• Proposed Crossrail2 route, stations/headhouses, worksites, safeguarding areas*

• HS2 safeguarding, rural support and homeowner payment zones*

• Historical railways and tunnels

• London Underground and DLR* (also including Tyne and Wear Metro and Glasgow Subway)

* Groundsure offer the only environmental reports in the searches market to feature this data. Data available for Phase 1 of HS2 only.

Groundsure Avista is a a clear and comprehensive risk report 

This latest addition to Groundsure Avista builds on a number of key features, which launched as part of the clear and concise environmental report back in June 2017:

• Improved accuracy and pass rates: Avista reports are based on Land Registry polygon data as standard for the highest level of accuracy, with 106 million data points being analysed to significantly improve pass rates.

• Clear and concise recommendations: Clearly signposted data with unambiguous recommendations leaves customers better informed, without being overwhelmed by confusing jargon.

• The average report is less than 20 pages long: The average Avista report is less than 20 pages long, making it simple for conveyancers to hone in on what’s important.

• Review next steps with a quick glance: The Avista Action Alert saves transaction time and trouble by providing a simple visual guide to the complexity of the environmental factors associated with a property.

The new and updated Groundsure Avista report is available to order now on tmconvey.

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