Argyll Commercial Reports : Price changes on 11th May 2018

As part of their annual product review, Argyll have advised us that they will be increasing prices across 6 of their reports on 11th May 2018.

They will also be retiring their Estate Solutions Brief report.

These changes will be implemented automatically on the tmconvey platform, and will be reflected in any new orders from 11th May 2018.

Find details below:

Price changes:

Estate Solutions Brief : Retired as of 11th May 2018:

Argyll will also be retiring ‘Estate Solutions Brief’, so we’ve put together some alternative products, also available to order on tmconvey:

Argyll Site Solutions Residence

This product can be ordered for:

> Residential properties
> Landed estates (only <10ha as size limit)

Argyll Estate Solutions Farm

This product can be ordered for:

> Agricultural land/farms
> Any Landed estates

Groundsure Agricultural 

This product can be ordered for:

> Farming sites

If you have any questions, please contact our Helpdesk on 0844 2499200 or email

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