Brethertons celebrated as first to order an LR LLC1 through tmconvey

tmgroup are proud to announce that they are fully integrated with the new digital Local Land Charges Register, which launched on Wednesday 11th July with the digitisation of Warwick District Council’s Local Land Charges (LLC) data.

It was a momentous occasion when the first LR Business Gateway order was placed at 9.22am on launch day, and a successful response was sent from HM Land Registry to the customer almost instantly. The tm team were pleased to share this historic moment with Brethertons LLP, who placed the order for their LLC1 that morning.

Tom Ansell, Head of Practice Area – Conveyancing at Brethertons LLP comments:

“Brethertons have worked with tmgroup for some time and were pleased to be part of the consultation group involved in getting this new digital LR LLC1 service ready for release.  

We are thrilled to be the first conveyancing team to use the LR LLC1 service and couldn’t believe how quickly the documents were returned and the quality of the reports therein.  

We can already see how this service will be such a benefit to our customers; speeding up transaction times and furthering their overall positive conveyancing experience.”

Paul Albone, Chief Operating Officer at tmgroup comments:

“This is an exciting step forward for the property industry, and we’re pleased to be supporting this new service on tmconvey. tm has a track record of working closely with HMLR on integrated solutions and this is yet another first for the business.  We look forward to continuing to work together to deliver further improvements in the future which will help to streamline the conveyancing process even more, making time for all those involved in it.”  

tmgroup will continue to support the rollout of the new digital register 

Warwick District Council is one of around 350 Local Authorities who will have their Local Land Charges (LLC) data digitised across 2018 and beyond, and tmgroup will continue working closely with HM Land Registry throughout the rollout of their new digital Local Land Charges Register.

Click here to find out more about how tmgroup are supporting the new digital Local Land Charges Register – and stay tuned for further updates.

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