Case study: Taylors upgrade to new “user friendly and easy to use” sales progression and communication tool

Ashleigh Thwaites, Branch Manager at Emersons Green, Taylors shares how mio has transformed her approach to sales progression by making it quick and easy to complete tasks, as well as train up new recruits on the end-to-end sales progression process.

The crucial difference with mio is that by removing traditional silos of information, mio creates visibility across the chain – with everyone from homebuyers and solicitors, right through to other estate agents. This improves communication and ultimately speeds up the process.

Slow and outdated systems only exacerbate the challenges of day-to-day sales progression

Sales progression can be a challenge, especially with outdated systems making the process even slower and more frustrating.

“Previously, we were using quite an old system to manage our sales progression. It had elements of mio, but it wasn’t as easy to use. I had to go in and out of different pages to get the information I needed. I also struggled with interruptions. For example, if the phone rang and I hadn’t finished what I was doing, I’d often lose my notes and have to start again.”

mio removes traditional silos of information and makes it so much easier to complete tasks

mio gets you to rethink your approach to sales progression with a positive outcome; there is a whole suite of features to help agents identify and monitor delays – helping them to be proactive, rather than reactive, as well as keep incoming phone calls to a minimum.

Features include;

• Presenting the whole picture, so you know what needs tackling first

• Contacts digitised and stored in one place

• Centralised communications all in one place

• Automated chain building (and less rekeying)

• Data feeds from conveyancers, lenders and surveyors

“mio is very efficient, and I find it so much easier to complete my sales progression tasks. I particularly like the time stamp on the notes, as this helps everyone to know what has happened and when. I also like that you can see all of the details of the connected solicitors and clients on a single tab – with just a quick glance. Not only that, but new handy features are released regularly, making my job even easier.” 

mio’s clear dashboard and processes also make it very easy to teach sales progression to new members of the team. For example, showing a new starter the various elements of the mio dashboard helps them grasp the full extent of the sales progression process – even if they’ve never done it before.

mio keeps everything in one place and takes the hassle out of sales progression

“Since first adopting mio over a year ago, my sales progression has been much more efficient. I actually manage to complete my tasks quickly and get it done in one sitting – without worrying about interruptions. It’s great to have everything all in one place too!”

Switching to mio was also quick and easy for everyone involved.

“When I was first looking at switching to mio, I initially thought “oh no, not another program to learn” – but I quickly found I had nothing to worry about as it was easy for my team to get started with mio. I also wasn’t sure mio was going to be much better than what we were already using, but it is so much more user friendly and easy to navigate.” 

Want to be in control of your transactions – rather than feel like they’re controlling you?

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