Collaboration key to success of PropTech innovation

It is critical that no one works in isolation when pursuing innovation, perhaps no more so than in the property industry. With intertwined people and processes at the heart of every property chain, working together is a daily necessity to progress sales to completion.

With almost 20 years’ experience in building strong working relationships with conveyancers, data providers and Local Authorities alike, tmgroup is the epitome of what it means to work in the property industry. By sharing our insight and expertise, we’re proud to say our partnerships continue to deliver solutions that make processes across the industry easier and more efficient.

The launch of mio – a new sales progression and communication tool for Estate Agents – is a great example of this, taking silos of data to create a shared view of the property chain and improving progression for everyone involved.

Complementing the suite of tmgroup technology, alongside tmconnect and tmconvey, we can join up the dots and make even more time for parties working across the property transaction.

Lending our support and expertise helps the industry move forward together 

Beyond developing our own time-saving services, such as our integrated SDLT & AP1 submission and New Build Managed Service, tmgroup are proud to lend support to new and evolving industry initiatives.

Recent examples of this include; being part of the Welsh Government’s workshop group as they develop online submission for Land Transaction Tax (LTT), as well as integrating with HM Land Registry as they launch their new digital register.

Paul Albone, Chief Operating Officer at tmgroup comments:

“HM Land Registry launched their new digital Local Land Charges Register back in July – with the digitisation of Warwick District Council’s local land charges (LLC) data. This marked an exciting step forward for the property industry and improving turnaround times for searches. We’re pleased to be supporting this new service on tmconvey as it continues to evolve.”

Integrating with CMS providers helps conveyancers save even more time

By broadening our relationships across the industry, we continue to be at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions that enable simplification and automation across the breadth of the property transaction.

Integrating with Case Management Systems (CMS) is another key example of where we’ve proactively engaged with other businesses to make even more time for our customers. Our integration partnerships combine the time-saving capabilities of tmconvey and Case Management Systems (CMS), whilst also reducing the need to rekey information.

What Case Management System (CMS) are you using? Get in touch to find out how we could save your team even more time.

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