Conversations with Clare : Are you showcasing the skills your clients are REALLY looking for?

Want to improve your business development strategy? Talk to Clare Yates! She has over 25 years’ experience in the property industry and is more than happy to share what she knows to help you win new clients.

Here, she explains how promoting good communication skills and a proactive service experience can help attract new clients and secure great recommendations.

As past research has shown, customers value proactive conveyancers with good communication skills – and are less concerned with price. This is evident in the Home Moving Trends research reports, which have shown year-on-year support for homemovers favouring these skills.

This shouldn’t be a surprise! Clients typically need to be reassured throughout the property transaction to feel confident that everything is progressing. Yet many businesses still cry out about having the best deals – without focusing on what else future clients might need or expect.

How do you showcase your proactivity? Outlining key milestones in the transaction and being forthcoming with new information – as well as offering useful advice on the risks of cyber crime – can go a long way in creating a happier client experience.

Take a step back…

If you set aside just 20 minutes to review your marketing material, what would you find? Is your website shouting about how your proactive team deliver time after time – or is it just waffling on about getting a good deal?

What about your customer experience? Would your most recent clients have good reason to recommend your services to their friends and family? Could you include testimonials on your website, in your marketing literature and client care letters?

With thanks to Clare Yates, Senior Business Development Manager at tmgroup. 

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Conversations with Clare : Never assume that “now is a good time to talk”

Conversations with Clare : Are your team instilling confidence or doubt in your customers?