Conversations with Clare : Are your team instilling confidence or doubt in your customers?

Want to improve the reputation of your firm? Talk to Clare Yates! She has over 25 years’ experience in the property industry and is more than happy to share what she knows to help you get the best out of your business. 

Here, she explains how language choices can help to create customer confidence (or doubt!) during a telephone conversation. 

Never forget that customers are coming to your team because they can’t find a way to do it themselves. This puts customers in a very vulnerable position, and they can quickly become angry if they feel helpless, dissatisfied or patronised.

This is why it is so important that your team use words and phrases that help to instil confidence – instead of saying, “I’m not sure…”, “I’ll try to find someone to help you” and “I’ll have a go at sorting that for you…”. 

Here are some positive words and phrases that can make all the difference:

• “Yes, you are through to the right person to help you…”

• “I can definitely help with that…”

• “I’m sure I can do that for you…

• “Certainly…”

• “Let me assure you…”

• “I’m handling this for you today, and my name is….” 

• “Don’t worry, I’ll talk to my colleague and find the answer for you…”

Take a step back…

If all of your team members started using these positive words and phrases in every telephone call, would they have easier telephone conversations with customers? Would they be able to wrap up calls faster – rather than answer the same question 3 times to try to reassure the customer? What could this do for your efficiency, overall customer experience and reputation of your firm?

With thanks to Clare Yates, Senior Business Development Manager at tmgroup. 

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