Conversations with Clare : Are your team treating one another like customers?

Want to improve your firm? Talk to Clare Yates! She has over 25 years’ experience in the property industry and is more than happy to share what she knows to help you get the best out of your business. 

Here, she explains how your team can create a better working environment, and improve your service experience, by treating every colleague like a customer: 

Working in conveyancing can be stressful, but less so if everyone makes a conscious effort to help each other. Answering the telephone is a great example of how a positive approach to a routine task can make a big difference to everyone’s mood – and the customer experience.

In a busy office, answering the telephone can feel like a chore and an interruption – and it is all too easy for team members to “pass the buck”. Yet doing so can breed resentment amongst colleagues – especially those who feel frazzled from always being the one that ends up answering the calls.

Take a step back…

If you asked your team to be more conscious of their own behaviour and think about their colleagues as customers, what do you think they’d do differently?

Would they develop a fair rota for answering the telephone? Would your customers notice a difference in their service experience?

With thanks to Clare Yates, Senior Business Development Manager at tmgroup. 

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