Digitisation of LLC data continues with Liverpool City Council success

This week marks the continuing success of HM Land Registry’s new digital Local Land Charges Register, with the digitisation of Liverpool City Council’s LLC data – and tmgroup are pleased to announce that, within minutes of it going live on Monday morning, they had already processed their first orders through tmconvey.

Since integrating with the new service when it launched back in July, the tm team were primed to support the second phase rollout of Liverpool City Council’s data – and are delighted to announce that 3 orders were processed successfully through tmconvey before 9am on Monday 3rd September, with one of the first orders being placed at 8.22am by Devonshires.

Sara Snook, Solicitor at Devonshires comments:

“We are delighted to be the first firm to receive an LLC1 search result from Liverpool City Council via the HM Land Registry’s new digital Local Land Charges Register. The result was received in an impressive 38 seconds. This is an exciting new development with the potential to make the process of receiving LLC1 searches practically instantaneous, more consistent and a better experience all round.”

Paul Albone, Chief Operating Officer at tmgroup comments:

“Having supported the initial Local Authority a couple of months ago, I was in no doubt that this would be a seamless transition for tm customers.  As we migrate away from the direct dealings with Liverpool City Council to using the LR Business Gateway, we are able to deliver the LLC search result in a number of seconds from our customers pressing the send button.  We look forward to working with Land Registry over the coming months as they go live with more Local Authorities and also look to extend the value added services through their Business Gateway connection.”

tmgroup will continue to support the rollout of the new digital register 

Liverpool City Council closely follows the digitisation of Warwick District Council’s Local Land Charges data. Liverpool and Warwick are two of around 350 Local Authorities who will have their Local Land Charges (LLC) data digitised across 2018 and beyond.

tmgroup will continue working closely with HM Land Registry throughout the rollout of their new digital Local Land Charges Register.

Click here to find out more about how tmgroup are supporting the new digital Local Land Charges Register – and stay tuned for further updates.

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