Early adopters praise “time-saving” New Build Managed Service

New Build sites can be time-consuming. This is often for reasons outside of a conveyancer’s control, particularly when it comes to the provision of information for location plans, developer and plot plans. This can also result in additional queries from suppliers, culminating in significant delays for conveyancing teams.

Designed to streamline the process, our New Build Managed Service is tailored to your needs to help save your teams time – and our early adopters couldn’t praise it highly enough.

> Nicole Hancock, Legal Assistant, Residential Property Department, Clifton Ingram LLP:

“I used to find it really stressful to work with plans for New Build plots, but now I just send them onto tmgroup’s New Build Managed Service team and they take care of everything for me. I love it!”

> Amy Archer, Senior Paralegal at Gordons Partnership LLP:

“We especially appreciate the direct contact with the New Build Managed Service team, as we can send over our order and within 20 minutes receive confirmation that our searches have been ordered. It also helps that any queries come directly to us, so we don’t have to spend time checking up on things. Overall, it’s a very quick and smooth process.”

> Melanie Cox (Mrs)(FILS), Legal Assistant, Residential Conveyancing at Terry Jones Solicitors:

“I’ve been using the New Build Managed Service for a few months now and it’s absolutely brilliant. It’s helped to save me a lot of time, as all I need to do is fill in the template and send it off. Everything is then taken care of on my behalf – even the mapping! It’s much easier than all the to-ing and fro-ing I used to experience with New Build plots, especially as I no longer have to field queries and discuss plans over emails or phone calls – which can be challenging and time-consuming. I’ve also been very pleased with the customer service, as the New Build Managed Service team have consistently dealt with any questions or queries very efficiently.”

Let our experienced team manage New Build properties on your behalf 

Drawing on years of experience and long-standing relationships with suppliers, our experienced New Build Operations team are well-placed to process New Build searches on your behalf. All you need to do is fill in a simple template with the information you have – and we’ll take care of the rest.

Even when queries arise, our Operations team will do a thorough investigation to resolve the question. That will mean liaising with our search suppliers as well as the property developers on your behalf.

Results will then be emailed to any distribution list you require, as detailed within the search template. All of this saves your team time and energy, which may be better used elsewhere.

New Build Managed Service COMING SOON to tmconvey

For more information, please contact your Account Manager, or get in touch with Helpdesk on 0800 840 5571 or helpdesk@tmgroup.co.uk

New Build Managed Service to make search ordering faster and easier

New Build Managed Service