Exciting news… Even more Map Search updates to save you even more time!

Remember the Map Search enhancements we made earlier this year?

Well, we’ve made even more changes – and they’ll be available on tmconvey from Friday 26th October onwards. All helping you to save time, avoid mistakes and reduce duplication of effort.

Here’s a quick peek at what to look out for…

Want to pull your existing case outline into Map Search? No problem. 

As you may have already noticed, when you go into Map Search from our services dashboard, you arrive at an empty screen.

However, we’ve now updated our system, so that if you go into Map Search through the case dashboard and have already created a case plan and outline, you’ll be invited to bring this outline into your new Map Search session. This allows you to see titles in relation to your pre-existing case outlines. From there, you can continue with your work as normal and complete your order.

We’ve also added some visual cues in when you are looking at your titles, such as the case reference and address showing in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, as a helpful reminder as to whether you are working from your case or Map Search.

You can now also turn your case outline on and off – whilst keeping your red dot in position – and view any other title information as you wish, making things clearer for you and your team.

Increased visibility across each case with an LR OC1 reorder option

We know that sometimes it’s necessary for multiple people to be working on the same case, but this can make it harder to understand who has ordered what and when.

That’s why we’ve extended the selected titles page, so you can also see any other LR OC1 orders that have already placed against the case – and reorder them if you wish, simply by selecting a tick box.

We’ve also made sure you can see the content of the OC1 request. For example, if a standalone Register was ordered previously, and now you just need to order the plan.

Defined areas of interest help avoid titles being ordered in error

Occasionally, a typo in a title number can result in a title being ordered against a property in Leeds instead of Southampton. Whilst it doesn’t happen all the time, we want to give you peace of mind it never will.

That’s why we’ve created a defined area of interest for each case, based on the red dot, so you can only order titles in the relevant area – and not accidentally order something half way across the country.

How does it work? It’s simple. As you type in the first line of the address or title number, a drop down list will appear highlighting which addresses are and aren’t available in this Map Search view. For example, if you are working in a defined area of interest in Swindon, you will be able to view postcodes and title numbers in Swindon, but not those of the same name in Grimsby.

(Please note, if you do want to use a title number outside of the defined area of interest, you’ll need to use Map Search through the Service Dashboard.)

Have a question?

If you have any questions about these changes, or would like to request additional features that would help to make even more time for your team, please get in touch with your Account Manager, or our friendly Helpdesk team on 0800 840 5571 or email helpdesk@tmgroup.co.uk.

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