FCI introduce new suite of Commercial Reports - COMING 8th May

On 8th May 2019, Future Climate Info (FCI) are making some changes to their commercial reports to help speed up transactions – particularly those with a Retail purpose.

‘FCI Standard Commercial’ and ‘FCI Premium Commercial’ are being withdrawn – and are being replaced with the following new reports: ‘FCI Retail’ and ‘FCI Commercial’.

You can find more information about these new reports below:

NEW FCI Retail report 

Price: £75 + VAT 

The FCI Retail Report is available for smaller retail properties – up to 0.25 hectares.

It includes remediation warranty and is also supported by £5 million professional indemnity cover.

It interrogates flood, environmental and ground stability datasets.

• Flood

Analyses the impacts from key risks listed by The Law Society including Flooding from Rivers, The Sea, and Surface Water Flooding, Groundwater Flooding Susceptibility, Historic Flooding,  Flood Insurability, Flood Storage Areas, and nearby Surface  Water Features.

• Environmental

Analyses the impacts from key risks including Artificial Ground, Contaminated Land Insurability, Contaminated Land Register Entries  and Notices, Current Industrial Land Uses, Environmental Permits,  Petrol Stations, Landfill Sites Past and Present, Telecommunications  Transmitters, Potentially Contaminated Land from Past Industrial Land  Uses, Pollution Incidents, Air Quality, Potentially In-Filled Land, Pylons and Electricity  Lines, Radon Gas, Regulated Environmental Processes, and Surface  Dangers or Hazards.

• Ground Stability

Analyses the impacts from key risks including Subsidence, nearby  Ball Clay Mining Areas, Brine Compensation Areas, China Clay Mining  Areas,Coal Mining Areas, Geohazards such as Clay Shrinkage,  Landslips, Landslides and Sink Holes, Limestone Mining Areas, Past  Mining Hazards in Minerals other than coal, Modified Ground, Natural  Cavities, Potentially In-filled Land and Tin Mining Areas.

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NEW FCI Commercial report

Price: From £100 + VAT

The FCI Commercial Report is aimed at other commercial and industrial units. Available in size brackets ranging from 0-15, 15-50 and 50-150 hectares.

It is backed by £10 million professional indemnity cover and comes with expert support from FCI’s Risk Team.

It contains all of the information from the Retail report and also includes data on Energy & infrastructure such as wind farms, shale gas exploration, and HS2.

• Energy & Infrastructure

Analyses the impacts from key risks including Carbon Capture and Storage, Coal Bed Methane Extraction, Crossrail, Current and Future Hydropower Installations, Gas Recovery from Mines, HS2, Licensed Oil, Gas, and Shale Gas Exploration and Extraction, Major Energy, Environmental, and Transport Infrastructure, Power Stations, Solar Farms,Underground Coal Gasification and Wind Farms.

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If you have any questions, please contact our Helpdesk on 0800 840 5571 or email helpdesk@tmgroup.co.uk

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