GroundSure Underground report now available

Proximity to London’s sprawling underground rail network can be a real and serious problem for homebuyers. Not only can it impose planning restrictions on a property, but it can also cause vibrations and noise pollution — and even lead to subsidence.


This problem is unlikely to go away either, with significant investment in infrastructure (£1.3tn) planned in the capital over the next 35 years, forming part of Mayor of London Boris Johnson’s vision to ensure that London retains its world class status.

In fact, transport is the biggest focus of the “London Infrastructure Plan 2050”, and £973bn of spending is needed on transport projects alone — such as CrossRail — to keep up with the number of people working and living in the capital.

Proximity to the underground rail network is unlikely to be identified in a standard conveyancing search and so we are delighted to be able to offer the GroundSure Underground report.

The brand new report, which is exclusively for residential properties, provides information on existing line and station locations in the capital, as well as proposed developments and extensions — including CrossRail.

Key Features
• Identifies where underground rail lines are in relation to a property (within 1km)
• Identifies both lines and stations
• Approximate depths of tunnels
• Shows proposed developments and extensions
• Additional information – highlighting potential issues with subsidence, vibration and noise pollution

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