How are you at handling new business enquiries?

How good is your firm at handling new business enquiries? We sought to find out.

In August 2015, we conducted a ‘mystery shopper’-style study of 100 conveyancing firms to determine how effective they are when quoting & closing prospective new clients.

We then wrote a report detailing 11 steps that conveyancers should take to improve their customer service to enable them to convert more new business enquiries into paying clients.

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The report focuses on three main areas:

Online Presence

The study revealed that many conveyancing firms have room for improvement when it comes to optimising their online presence.

Whilst it is good news that 75% of conveyancing firms already have a Google Business Page, there are several areas in which conveyancers can improve their online presence, including advertising customer reviews on search results pages, ensuring their website is mobile friendly and displaying contact details prominently on their homepage.

Building Rapport

Researchers documented that, whilst on the whole calls were handled satisfactorily, there is a significant opportunity for forward-thinking firms to differentiate themselves with superior customer service.

The majority of conveyancers are not attempting to engage their potential clients but simple steps such as introducing themselves or explaining the process that lies ahead would go a long way to building rapport.

Converting more enquiries

Finally, conveyancers could convert more enquiries if they treated each call with a more focused approach and professional follow-up.

The study revealed that 31% of conveyancers offered no quotation for their services at all whilst a further 24% gave a quote over the phone but failed to follow it up with a professional, branded email.

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