How Can I Market My Firm’s Success to Create New Business?

Throughout our 2016 CPD series ‘Because You’re Worth It’, we spoke to a number of conveyancing solicitors about the initiatives they’ve tried to showcase the success of their law firm.

Here is a round-up of some of the best and most popular ideas.

1. Take every opportunity to celebrate your milestones

Whether you’ve been in business for 25 years, just completed your 1,000th property transaction, or opened a second office, it’s important to celebrate your milestones as and when they arise.
• Send a raffle ticket to all of your clients
• Put cakes out in the waiting room
• Put out a press release to the local press
• Change the banners on your social media pages

Marking these milestones draws positive attention to your firm, reinforces the idea that you are a trusted, long-standing business, and improves your reputation.

2. Print out pamphlets of client testimonials

Don’t let any positive client feedback go to waste, either by sitting in a fee-earners inbox, or being lost as soon as the phone goes down. These comments are hard-earnt and deserve a spot in the limelight.

Try to develop a system whereby fee-earners forward any positive feedback onto your marketing department, or a nominated person, as soon as they are received.

These comments can then be collated on a quarterly or annual basis and published in a printed pamphlet, which can be distributed in your clients’ welcome packs.

3. Display all awards in your waiting room

Don’t hide your awards away in individual offices, instead display them where your clients can see them.

Investing in a quality display cabinet for your waiting room will help to remind your clients of the quality of your service.

You should also make sure all awards are mentioned in your firm’s literature, and on your company website; most awards’ organisers will give you a logo or banner you can upload to your website if you ask them.

4. Calculate the percentage of your clients that come from repeat business

A great testament to the quality of your firm’s service is the number of clients you are doing repeat business with.

Update this statistic monthly, quarterly or annually and display it on your company website, on social media, or in your waiting room. For example, “61% of our business comes from repeat clients”.

5. Make good use of your on-hold music and messages

Unless you have the resources to pick up every call the second the phone rings, there will be times when your clients (and prospective clients) will be waiting on the line.

Take advantage of this “dead time” by playing a recorded message which shares good news about your latest award, or reiterates your firm’s values and accomplishments.

If this isn’t possible, think about your choice of on-hold music. Could you be playing something more grand or appropriate that supports your firm’s success?

6. Put screens up around the firm with rolling “good news” messages

Put screens up around the firm showing rolling “good news” messages.

These could include:
• Testimonials of satisfied clients
• A rolling tally (updated every week or month) of the numbers of clients you’ve supported since you’ve been in business
• Profiles of your individual fee-earners and their achievements
• New services you’ve introduced

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