Landmark relaunches Landmark Flood

Landmark’s flagship flood report with qualified Flood Risk Consultant assesses every high-risk Landmark Flood report

In January 2020, Landmark’s flagship residential flood report, Homecheck Flood, is being relaunched as Landmark Flood. Landmark has been looking for ways to make it easier for conveyancers to provide a complete service for their clients.

Flood risk can be a difficult and complex topic for you to support a home buyer on. A Further Action result can lead to delays in the transaction, as clients struggle to understand the risk they may be taking on. Landmark Flood ensures more Passed reports as their Consultancy team assess every high risk. The Insurability section also provides guidance on determining whether the property is likely to be insurable and affordable. With current environmental concerns, this will enable you to give your clients clear guidance backed up with solid data.

Long term flood risk is a major concern for homebuyers

There are two important elements when it comes to flood risk. The first, and most important, is whether the property is likely to be insurable. The second, more emotive element, is the risk of flooding at the property. While insurance may be available, this does not stop the emotional impact and disruption of a flood event for the homeowner. It makes a huge difference whether the cost of relocation and repairing the property and contents are covered, but flood events can still be devastating for the occupants. 

Every Landmark Flood report gives a professional opinion

A qualified Flood Risk Consultant assesses every high-risk Landmark Flood report. Rather than relying on data alone to inform whether a report has a Further Action outcome, their in-house Consultants assess each high-risk property and make an informed judgment. This reduces the number of false positives that are flagged and means more Passed reports. It gives you peace of mind, knowing the advice you give your clients is backed up by the opinion of a professional.

Relying on an automated report can sometimes lead to delayed transactions. This is due to data having the potential to flag issues at a property that may not truly representative of the overall risk.

Landmark’s Consultancy team have extensive experience in providing pragmatic flood risk assessments and spotting false positives in data. For example, where areas of high risk are confined to low points and aren’t likely to reach the house, or where the resolution of the data is over exaggerating the risk. 

Importantly, their Consultancy team are also on hand to support wherever a true high risk remains.  The team can support your client by explaining the outcome and suggesting the best next steps, meaning a quicker resolution and a smoother transaction.

Landmark Flood delivers all the information conveyancers need

Landmark Flood includes: 

•Consultant assessment on all high-risk sites

•Increased Pass results

•Unique, digital online viewer for on and offsite flooding risk

•Insurability section

•Clear next steps

•Consideration of all key sources of flooding

To find out more about Landmark Flood, please contact your Account Manager

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