Microsoft dropping support for many versions of Internet Explorer

As part of our commitment to keeping you up-to-date with the latest fraud risks, please be aware that Microsoft have announced that from today, January 12th 2016, they will only support the latest version of Internet Explorer released for each operating system.

Please see the table below for supported versions of IE:

What does that mean for me?
Microsoft will stop updating certain versions of Internet Explorer. This means that security flaws will no longer be fixed in those browsers.

What does that mean for my client?
Microsoft advise that you could be putting your client’s data at risk from fraudsters if you fail to update to the latest version of Internet Explorer.

What should I do?
Refer to your internal IT Department for further guidance. You are of course still able to use tm software in unsupported browsers but please be aware that, due to Microsoft no longer supporting them, there could be visual or technical errors and your data might not be safe.

Our advice is that the best course of action is to update to the very latest version of Internet Explorer (that your computer’s operating system allows for) as soon as you can.

Update to the latest version of IE

Which version of Internet Explorer am I using?

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