New Homebuyers Plus saves conveyancers up to 10 minutes per report

The new and comprehensive residential environmental risk report – Groundsure Homebuyers Plus – is now available to order on tmconvey.

Homebuyers Plus offers an enhanced version of the existing Homebuyers report and reviews flood, contaminated land and ground stability – alongside screening other environmental risks such as energy, transportation and planning.

Key features of Homebuyers Plus:

• Each report has fewer pages (up to 70% less) and only includes relevant data, so there are no blank maps or excessive data – and conveyancers benefit from reduced printing and postage costs.

• Flood risk assessment now includes new JBA 5 metre groundwater data, in addition to all other flooding sources.

• It uses Land Registry polygons, and so provides a higher level of accuracy.

Homebuyers Plus also comes with improved layout and design, as well as clearer navigation, to help improve overall workflow. While clear and practical recommendations offer a “jargon free” explanation and make it easier – and up to 10 minutes quicker – for conveyancers to communicate the results of each report to their clients.

The Groundsure Homebuyers Plus report is now available to order on tmconvey.

About Groundsure

Groundsure is a market leading specialist transforming environmental data into location intelligence for the land and property markets. Utilising the latest digital technologies available to enhance the property buying experience for the end user whilst helping lenders to make informed lending decisions.

New Environmental Report Saves Conveyancers Time

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