New Platform Supports Continuing Growth of Property Searches Scotland

Property Searches Scotland have launched their innovative search ordering platform to save even more time for conveyancers as they continue to strengthen their position in the Scottish property market.  

The new platform has been developed to coincide with Property Searches Scotland’s 5 year anniversary. It draws on a huge amount of experience to deliver practical and efficient solutions to conveyancers. Supported by a simple design, the new platform makes it even easier for customers to order and manage the search products they need to progress their property transactions.

New time-saving features make it even easier to progress property transactions 

Designed by conveyancers for conveyancers, the new search ordering platform offers a range of new time-saving features, including:

• Print a professional summary at any stage of an order 

The improved look and feel of printed forms support conveyancers in printing off professional summaries and adding them to clients’ files at any stage of their order.

• Choose how reports are returned

Everyone has a personal preference for how they like to work. Choose whether reports are returned one-by-one as they are completed, or delivered in one email once they are all ready, with new ‘Search Return Distribution’. Additionally, multiple email addresses can be specified to ensure search results are distributed according to the specific requirements of the case.

• Draft each order with time to make changes

The new draft feature gives conveyancers the time they need to draft each order, print and save a copy of details, and talk with the other party, before making amendments and sending the order.

Brand refresh celebrates success and looks towards an exciting future

The launch of the new search ordering platform is supported by a brand refresh and a new company slogan “we make time for you”, which celebrates Property Searches Scotland’s success of delivering fast, accurate and cost effective search reports with first-class customer service.

It also supports the company’s commitment to innovation and finding even more ways to make time for conveyancers.

Mohammed Desai, Property Clerk at Scullion Law trialled the new platform ahead of the official launch. He comments:

“We find the new PSS convey platform extremely easy to use. The screens are clear and simple to navigate and in only a few clicks we can order our searches.”

Michael Tolland, Commercial Director at Property Searches Scotland comments:

“Our simple but powerful promise is to provide a flexible approach to delivering fast, reliable property information supported by our friendly and approachable customer service.”

“The launch of our search ordering platform marks an exciting new chapter for Property Searches Scotland’s time-saving innovation and we look forward to sharing it with our customers.”

About Property Searches Scotland

Property Searches Scotland are part of the tmgroup family and offer a full range of property searches for residential, commercial and remortgage conveyancing across all of Scotland’s 32 council areas. 

Visit their brand new website to find out more:

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