New Post-Completion services promise fewer AP1 requisitions : COMING NEXT WEEK

Conveyancers will soon be able to reduce the number of requisitions their firm receives with the arrival of Post-Completion services on tmconvey – from 30th April 2018.

Designed to diminish the chance of manual error, this newest addition to the tmconvey platform will help conveyancers rise to the increasing pressure from Land Registry and HMRC to submit their SDLT and AP1 forms more efficiently. 

Validation and error checking helps users get it right first time

Easy to navigate, electronic SDLT and AP1 submission forms enable every user to progress quickly by only showing the questions that need to be answered. Whilst the online SDLT calculator makes it easy for even the newest members of a team to pay Stamp Duty Land Tax fees with confidence.

To reduce the chance of mistakes, the SDLT and AP1 submission forms come with built in validation and error checking. Accompanied by clear summary pages, users can also jump to any section that requires their attention.

Prepopulated fields make it quick and easy to submit SDLT and AP1 forms

As tmgroup are a compliant software vendor for HMRC and Land Registry, the SDLT and AP1 forms are always up to date, and submitted directly to them – without incurring any delays or additional costs.

By being fully integrated with tmconvey, users can process their SDLT and AP1 submissions without wasting timing logging in and out of multiple websites. Users also benefit from shared information and prepopulated fields across their SDLT and AP1 submission forms, as well as their cases – reducing the chore of double entry and saving time.

Automated audit trails provide improved visibility and proof of compliance 

With clear time stamps and status updates within tmconvey, automated audit trails enable Heads of Department to track every SDLT and AP1 submission status across their team – and even multiple offices – for improved visibility and proof of compliance. 

Users can also login and reply to requisitions – without having to check their emails. Whilst ‘impending cancellation date’ reminders prompt to close an unanswered requisition and complete AP1 submissions, so they don’t waste time resubmitting. 

Jane Towner, Customer Experience Director at tmgroup comments: 

“With lenders reviewing AP1 submission times, and the SDLT filing and payment window set to reduce to 14 days later this year, the latest evolution for tmconvey will make it easier for firms to maintain a good reputation in the market. We’re looking forward to launching AP1 submission and offering full post-completion services to our customers.”

Post-Completion services COMING SOON to tmconvey 

Complementing the existing SDLT submission service, new AP1 submission will be available on tmconvey from April 2018.

If you would like to request a demo, please get in touch.

Post-Completion services (SDLT & AP1) now available on tmconvey

“User-friendly” Post-Completion Services save conveyancers even more time