NEW: Reports from Legalinx

From early June, you’ll be able to order the following Legalinx reports on tmconvey – in addition to the CourtChex (winding Up Search), which is already available.

The following reports will be available to order via the tmconvey platform:

• Comprehensive Bankruptcy Search (Search of Land Registry and Bankruptcy Court)

Checks are carried out at the Insolvency Service England and Wales which identifies any current bankruptcy orders. An additional check is then carried out at the Land Registry which identifies any pending bankruptcy orders.

• Gazette Report

This report will provide details of any insolvency notices published in the London, Edinburgh or Belfast Gazettes.

• Individual Pending Bankruptcy Searches

Our Individual Bankruptcy Searches offer compliance and minimise risk through ascertaining whether there are any pending bankruptcy petitions lodged against an individual within the jurisdiction of the RCJ. Legalinx physically visit, and search, at the Royal Courts of Justice and Central London County Court to determine whether any previous bankruptcy petitions have been issued in the last 5 years against a debtor.

The following additional reports will be available on request, by contacting our Helpdesk team on 0800 840 5571 or email 

• Foreign Insolvency Plus Report

• Insolvency Plus

• Northern Ireland Court of Justice & EJO Check

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