PlanVal Mining Alerts Now Available on tmconvey

PlanVal mining alerts are now available on tmconvey. 

The new MiningCheck Alerts assess a property against a wealth of data to alert conveyancing solicitors and their clients to the materials that have been mined on the land; both recently and historically. 

The new MiningCheck Alerts follow the recent release of two new mining products in November, also available to order on tmconvey:

• PlanVal Coal Mining Search with Professional Opinion

• PlanVal Non-Coal Mining Search with Professional Opinion

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The new MiningCheck Alerts enable conveyancing solicitors to advise their clients as to whether it is necessary for them to order a complete Coal Mining Search or Non-Coal Mining Search before proceeding with their purchase. 

Isn’t mining just a risk in Cornwall and the North East?

According to PlanVal data, there are mining risk areas in every county in England and Wales; with 34% of land being in a mining risk area. 

Mining risks are not just a problem for home movers in the North and the Midlands (coal), or in Cornwall (tin), as 63 minerals have been mined, quarried or extracted across England and Wales.  

These new MiningCheck Alerts enable solicitors to confidently advise whether a client’s property is situated in a mining risk area; even when it isn’t overtly obvious. 

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