Stop Your Firm Falling Victim to a Cyber Attack : New Webinar Series

Since our National Conference back in February, cyber crime incidents have continued to make the headlines; from the WannaCry ransomware attack to the recent attack on DLA Piper. 

To help support your on-going efforts to protect your law firm from cyber criminals, we have launched a new series of webinars, featuring expert advice on the current risks all law firms need to be aware of. 

These pre-recorded webinars are available now on the tmgroup Webinar Hub for you to watch and share with your team at your own convenience. 

The full series includes; 

The current cyber security risks you need to be aware of

Graeme McGowan from BeCyberSure Ltd explores:

• The current cyber security risks law firms need to be aware of. 

• The forthcoming General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Click here to watch the ‘Cyber Security – 2017 and beyond’ webinar.

Find out : How your PR company could act as a bridge for hackers

Jeremy Swinfen Green from Teiss discusses:

• The risks posed by business partners, contractors and customers.

• How to reduce the risk of a third party who has access to your IT systems acting as a bridge for hackers.

Click here to watch the ‘Cyber Security: Managing 3rd Party Supplier Risks’ webinar.

Find out : Why increased IT complexity is ACTUALLY good for cyber criminals 

Matt Newton from Oosha Ltd explains:

• Why increased IT complexity is good for cyber criminals. 

• The latest considerations relating to professional indemnity insurance and cloud technologies.

Click here to watch the ‘Dealing with the undeniable threat’ webinar.

Find out : How to respond if the worst happens

The National Police Chiefs’ Council’s National Cyber PROTECT Coordinator looks at:

• The risks all law firms should be making their teams aware of. 

• Incident handling guidance and information sharing.

• How to respond to a cyber-incident.

Click here to watch the ‘Cyber Crime and the Law Enforcement Response’ webinar.

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