Terrafirma update CON29M to offer new level of due diligence

Terrafirma have updated their CON29M with several new features to offer a new level of due diligence and efficiency, as they continue to change the way in which property professionals across the UK approach coal mining activity.

Available now on tmconvey, the updates include: 

• The inclusion of the UserKey, as currently used in Terrafirma’s Ground Report. The UserKey clearly highlights who within the transaction needs to take action to make it easier for the conveyancer to know what information needs to be reported to which party. 

• Addition of a new ‘At a Glance’ expert opinion

• Loss of value insurance has increased to £100,000 – covering any subsequent changes in Coal Authority data.

• Upfront inclusion of the mine entry interpretive report. Terrafirma have used new data technologies to apply a new risk model to each of the 173,000 recorded coal mine entries, analysing the zone of influence and the potential impact of a shaft on the use and value of a Site, at no extra cost. This enhancement brings a number of benefits for the conveyancer, purchaser and lender alike.

Terrafirma CEO Tom Backhouse comments:

‘Terrafirma have worked tirelessly for nearly five years to change the way in which property professionals view ground risk. It has always been our ambition to better support due diligence in former mining areas and to more effectively cover and advise both solicitors and their clients. After extensive market research and a monumental effort from our team of experts, we are exceptionally proud to present this new and enhanced official CON29M.’

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