The Home Moving Trends Survey is back!

The largest survey of home movers has returned, with more than 5400 respondents giving feedback on their experiences with their conveyancers. Conducted by the Property Academy in association with tmgroup, the comprehensive annual survey seeks to shed light on the opinions of those who have moved house over the previous 12 months, including how they found, selected and rated their conveyancers. Along with the results of the survey, we provide insight and interpretation of the findings as well as practical advice for conveyancers to implement to take their firms further.

This report is vital for law firms who want to understand what their clients want, what they are already doing well and what could be done to improve. Amongst the findings, conveyancers will discover…

Why homeowners want the human touch:

This year’s survey revealed that 8 out of 10 home movers are looking for their conveyancers to be good communicators. Around two thirds of respondents also told us that they are looking for evidence that you can be pro-active not reactive.

“Most home movers were very complimentary about their conveyancers, focusing on the human elements of customer service such as communication and approachability. But even when things do go wrong, you can ensure that you’ve provided the best possible customer care by pro-actively communicating with your client that you’re doing everything you can to resolve the issue, don’t wait for them to chase you.”

– Jon Horton, Account Director – tmgroup

Why low fees alone won’t sway them:

In 2015, just 11% of home movers chose the conveyancer that quoted the cheapest fees. A reduction from 13% in 2014 and 18% the year before that. Surprisingly, it was also found that no-one in their twenties chose the conveyancer that quoted the cheapest fees or considered price to be important when choosing a property solicitor.

“Whilst it can be tempting to cut prices to be more competitive, for the past three years home movers have repeatedly told us that they are not choosing the conveyancer that quoted the cheapest fees. Know your value and explain what the client can expect for their money, rather than simply cutting prices to win more business.”

– Ben Harris, Sales & Marketing Director – tmgroup

Why estate agents could be your route to higher revenue:

In 2015, 51% of home movers chose their estate agent’s recommended conveyancer, compared to just 38% the previous year – an increase of more than a third.

“With estate agents now accounting for more than half of consumers’ choice of conveyancer, you can’t afford to be complacent when it comes to building strategic relationships with the right agents. Also, with a significant proportion of home movers returning to a conveyancer they’ve used previously, you should also focus your energy on ensuring that your existing client’s experience is a positive one which will, in turn, encourage them to use you again when they move in the future and recommend you to friends and family.”

– Ben Harris, Sales & Marketing Director – tmgroup

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