TM Group treks for Prospect Hospice

Six TM Group employees took part in a sponsored 15km walk from the historic Wiltshire stone monument, Avebury, to raise money for a local charity.

The walk took place on Sunday July 13th at the Avebury Rocks charity walk and music festival, an event set up to raise money for the Prospect Hospice which is a Swindon-based charity that provides end-of-life care.

The walk itself is a 15km (9.3 miles) trek through rural Wiltshire and takes in notable points of interest around Avebury which is the largest stone circle in Britain, constructed c. 3000-2000BC.

More than £600 has been raised so far by our trekkers:

Kevin Dix
Laura Howard
Emily Rens
Louise Cockshull
Trevor Brown (and his wife Sally)
Paul Turnbull

TM Group would like to congratulate our do-gooders for their efforts and thank those who kindly donated.

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