TM Group’s daredevil stunt raises money for the Prospect Hospice

In September, four employees of TM Group (UK) Ltd helped to raise over £900 for a local charity, by participating in a 10,00ft skydive at the Redlands Airfield in Wanborough.

TM Group regularly supports the Prospect Hospice, and this year they wanted to do something different to raise money while allowing employees to volunteer for the experience of a lifetime.

The TM team was understandably both nervous and excited prior to jumping. After waiting three hours to board the plane and another twenty minutes to reach the desired height, they felt  ready to jump in to a free fall. Relief and exhilaration ran through them as they were freefalling. Whereas worry and fear came over the family and friends there to watch, hoping the parachute would open. Once each of the parachutes had opened and they were slowed down, the team could begin to revel in the experience, to the relief of anxious spectator. All those involved thoroughly loved the day and would recommend it to others to have a go.

Thanks to the generosity of the sponsors, this daring stunt has resulted in the TM Group raising £916for the Prospect Hospice. The cheque was presented to Mela Durston from Prospect Hospice on Wednesday 16th October at TM Group’s head office on Delta Business Park.

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