tmconvey mapping further enhanced with listed buildings data

We’re adding a new listed buildings data layer to tmconvey. 

Available from 5th April 2019, you’ll soon be able to give property developer clients much-needed context about their intended renovation projects – without needing to visit multiple websites. 

As with our recently added highways information, you’ll be able to turn on the data layer and see listed buildings overlaid on your existing map –  for Grade 1, Grade 2* and Grade 2 across England. As of 2nd May, this will be extended to listed buildings in Scotland and Wales too.

You can then find out more about a listed building of interest by clicking on it to generate a pop-up, which will give you the address and the grade, as well as provide a hyperlink that will take you direct to the relevant page on Historic England. This will enable you to read further information about the restrictions in place, if you wish. 

How do I turn on this new data layer?

If you would like to turn on this new data layer, your TM administrator will need to update your company preference by following the below steps:

1. Go to ‘System settings’ on the tmconvey Services Dashboard

2. Select ‘System defaults’

3. Select ‘View’

4. Select ‘Mapping defaults’ 

5. If you scroll down, you will see a new section called ‘Map Data Layers’ – and various options to choose from including the new ‘listed buildings’.  

6. Once you have settled on your choice, click ‘Save’.

What other changes have we made to our mapping?

The addition of ‘listed buildings’ data is the latest in a series of mapping enhancements. 

Here’s a quick summary of the last few months, just in case you missed anything.

Highways data added to tmconvey mapping 

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Stay tuned for more updates COMING SOON!

If you have any questions or queries, please contact your Account Manager, or get in touch with our friendly Helpdesk team on 0800 840 5571 or email 

Highways data added to tmconvey mapping

NEW Map Data Layers section gives conveyancing teams even more control over their visible data layers