tmconvey set to evolve again with enhanced CMS integration

Shaun Whittaker has been welcomed as Systems Integration Project Manager to further enhance tmconvey’s existing capability to integrate with Case Management Systems (CMS) – and save customers even more time. 

Sharing case details across CMS and tmconvey helps to reduce rekeying 

tmgroup have introduced the new Systems Integration Project Manager position in response to a growing customer need for integration between their Case Management System (CMS) and tmconvey. 

In his new role, Shaun will be creating a more seamless flow of information between Case Management Systems and tmconvey. By being able to share their case details across both platforms, customers will benefit from prepopulated fields and reduced rekeying of information. They will also be able to order searches through tmconvey and have their search results returned directly into their Case Management System (CMS) – instead of manually adding search results against their related case. 

As the new tmconvey platform continues to evolve, this focus on integration will help to create a more efficient conveyancing workflow with an enhanced customer experience and task simplification – helping customers to save even more time in their daily tasks. 

Listening to customers and CMS vendors to fully understand everyone’s needs

Shaun will act as a single point of contact for customers, offering a personal touch and ensuring that their needs can be communicated to the wider business for continuing integration success. He will also be introducing new integration standards as well as extending tmconvey’s current integrations. 

Alongside this, Shaun will be developing relationships with an increasing number of vendors to proactively integrate tmgroup’s services with their CMS solutions, as well as understand their requirements.

Shaun Whittaker, Systems Integration Project Manager at tmgroup comments: 

“Our customers have a need for simplification and automation in everything they do. I’m looking forward to working closely with a number of firms and CMS vendors over the coming months to make sure our integrations truly help to simplify our customers’ processes and save them time.”

Mark Gilbert, Chief Technology Officer at tmgroup comments:

“We’re always listening to our customers in order to align our tmconvey services with their needs. Bringing Shaun into this new dedicated role at tmgroup offers exciting new opportunities for our customers to integrate a wider range of Case Management Systems (CMS) with tmconvey. I’m looking forward to working closely with Shaun over the coming months and seeing this next phase of evolution come to life in our new platform.” 

If you would like to find out more about integrating your Case Management System (CMS) with tmconvey, please contact your Account Manager, or get in touch with our Helpdesk on 0844 249 9200 or

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