tmconvey updates

 We all know it pays to get the mapping part of the search equation right and that sometimes you need to manually map your own areas of interest before merging them into a single extent. 

Previously there was no way of going back after merging but now with our ‘Undo Merge’ function you can have another go if the result wasn’t quite what you were looking for. 

‘Undo Merge’ becomes available immediately after a user has either clicked ‘Merge Selected’ or ‘Merge Visible’. It will rollback to the previous ‘unmerged’ state.  

We’ve also added an allied piece of functionality to the ‘Edit Outline’ panel , ‘Reset’, allowing users to reset any modifications to an outline and return them to the point at which they started editing.

1. User selects ‘Edit Outline’ 

2. User edits outline 

3. User select ‘Reset’ to rollback changes in current ‘Edit’ session 

tmconvey Updates

tmconvey set to evolve again with enhanced CMS integration