tmgroup customers help reinvent its tmconvey platform

We’re launching our new and innovative tmconvey platform to save you even more time and effort. 

Developed in response to customer feedback and launching on Monday 8th May 2017 under the banner ‘redesigned by you’, tmconvey delivers a clear, quick and complete user experience.

Key features include: 

• User-friendly design: with the right tools at your fingertips, you will be supported at every step to complete tasks with speed and ease. 

• Smooth navigation: the uncomplicated, highly responsive design allows you to find what you need with less effort. You will also enjoy the flexibility to work in the way you want to.

• An integrated approach: tmconvey is integrated with the core services demanded by you; it supports you to get the job done quickly, without the need to visit multiple websites. 

Integrated, electronic SDLT submission 

A powerful development is the integration of electronic SDLT (Stamp Duty Land Tax) submission. Intelligent design and HMRC integration will allow you to swap a time-consuming, manual task for a simple and streamlined online process. 

Initial feedback from customer testing groups has been positive: 

• “It looks really clean and modern”

• “The navigation is great – even quicker and easier to use. It’s obvious what you need to do next”

• “I love that there’s even less data entry on less screens – it will save me loads of time”

• “It really helps to have everything in one place like this!”

The new version of tmconvey continues to build on our vast knowledge and 15+ years of experience, combining it with simple, integrated design. Now even less time and effort is required to complete a conveyancing transaction. 

We’re committed to moulding tmconvey to the future needs of our customers so you always benefit from the latest process efficiencies.

Paul Albone, Managing Director at tmgroup, comments:

“Our users will be listened to by our responsive development team as we evolve tmconvey across 2017 and beyond, making even more time for our users. They will also continue to benefit from the unparalleled support offered by our dedicated customer service team. This is an exciting new chapter for tmgroup, and I’m confident that our fresh new look and enhanced range of services will strengthen tmgroup’s position as a market leader. It’s been a real team effort and we look forward to launching further new services onto the new tmconvey platform over the coming months.”

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New tmconvey platform launches with integrated SDLT submission