tmgroup to be key player in Land Registry’s digitisation strategy

tmgroup are pleased to announce that they have joined a small group who will be Beta testing the new national Local Land Charges (LLC) Register. 

Building on their proven track record of assisting Land Registry in developing Business to Business (B2B) services, including “connect direct”; the precursor to the Land Registry’s business gateway, tmgroup are looking forward to this next phase of collaboration to help save even more time in the property transaction. 

The new LLC register marks an exciting step forward for efficiency and consistency 

Over the coming months, HM Land Registry will be building the foundations for a national Local Land Charges (LLC) Register and working with local authorities in England to migrate their LLC records to a centralised digital register. 

This is a positive step forward for everyone involved in the property transaction, as it will help to eliminate regional variations in the speed, format and costs of LLC searches, as well as provide online search results instantly. 

By improving efficiency and consistency across the LLC1 ordering process through digitisation, the industry will also begin to move away from the whims of the “postcode lottery”, transforming the home moving experience for both conveyancers and their clients. 

Users of tmconvey will be able to see their LLC1 results in seconds 

The development of the new national Local Land Charges (LLC) Register, through the digitisation of LLC data, is the latest in a series of datasets to be released. 

Conveyancers will now be able to make decisions by reading information on screen and in seconds, rather than having to open and interpret a PDF document – this is another exciting development for tmconvey users as well as the industry as a whole. 

It marks another step forward in tmgroup’s journey of streamlining the property transaction for the benefit of all, as the PropTech company continues to innovate and collaborate to save time for property professionals. 

Paul Albone, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at tmgroup comments:

“To be invited to be part of such a select group of Beta testers is a testament to our ongoing commitment to streamlining the property transaction, as well as our proven track record for supporting previous HM Land Registry initiatives. 

We are pleased to participate in driving this new initiative forward through collaboration and innovation, and look forward to sharing the benefits with our customers.” 

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