Trend watch: Firms increasingly outsourcing New Build search ordering

Ordering searches against New Build properties is notoriously trickier (and more time-consuming) than working with second-hand homes – from having to work without a postcode point of reference, to managing endless queries from data suppliers. 

Outsourcing helps firms boost their workload capacity and win more business

Yet, spurred on by the Government’s push, more and more New Build cases are making their way to property teams across the country; forcing firms to re-evaluate how they manage their workload – without draining their limited resources. For many, including Braddon Snow Solicitors, outsourcing has been the answer. 

By managing New Build properties on a firm’s behalf, tmgroup help property departments create new efficiencies and better meet tight developer timeframes. All of which helps to boost their workload capacity, as well as their reputation, so they can win more New Build work in their area.

Managed Services take the hassle out of New Build search ordering

tmgroup are working at the forefront of delivering an efficient approach to managing New Build properties – with solutions including their ‘Managed Development’ service, which makes it easier for property teams to manage multiple plots on the same development site.

This service is tailored to firms named as the “appointed conveyancer” on a development, as tmgroup hold all relevant information about the development, enabling firms to issue a quick and simple instruction as and when the next plot is in progress. All the firm has to do then is wait for the results to come back and pass them onto their client; giving them more capacity to take on additional cases.

Jane Blackett, New Homes Conveyancing Team Leader at Braddon Snow Solicitors comments:

“We’ve been using tmgroup’s service for a number of years but found we needed a different approach for New Build given the number of plots we act on.  tmgroup worked with us on what we needed and now, for just over a year, we have worked with a bespoke system that we find much easier – especially when managing multiple plots on the same development. Once the site is set up confirming how many plots we expect to act on, all we have to do is fill in an order form and send across the plot plan. We then just ping an email over with the plot number as and when we want searches ordered against the individual plots. It’s just a much more effective use of our time.”

Firms using the ‘Managed Development’ service also benefit from agreeing search bundle costs in advance (making it easier to advise their clients), query and supplier management to minimise turnaround times, as well as Management Information (MI) reporting to make it easier for them to keep track of long-term development projects.

tmgroup work as an extension of the in-house team to get the job done quickly

Working as an extension of the in-house property department, the tmgroup team deliver against conveyancing search requirements from initial instruction through to returned results – using bespoke processes and systems to project manage. All the while giving firms the peace of mind of working with a knowledgeable team, with over 10 years’ experience in managing portfolios.

As Jane continues: 

“The Managed Services team are brilliant! Any queries, we just give them a call. If something has come up and we’re desperate to exchange, they’ll always make that extra call to chase the search – and 9 times out of 10 they’re successful too! They’re always on hand and we can’t fault the service.”

Outsourcing isn’t just for large-scale development projects – it can also help firms better manage one-off New Build transactions

Challenges around New Build don’t just slow down portfolio projects, they can also hinder the productivity of teams handling individual plots. That’s why tmgroup have extended their Managed Service to support these cases too. 

As and when the service is required, property teams can simply log into the tmconvey platform, add basic instructions to a dedicated form (accessible from a button on the tmconvey homepage) – and leave the tm team to take care of the rest. 

As with the ‘Managed Development’ service, the team will then create and map the property, order the required searches and liaise with data providers – all to support an efficient process right through to the returning of results.

Firms save time with fewer calls and interruptions across the working day

Fielding queries from data providers is one of the biggest headaches with managing New Build properties, but it often can’t be avoided as data providers require a certain level of information (that they don’t always get first time) in order to process the search. 

By letting the tmgroup team take care of any queries, firms benefit from fewer calls and interruptions across the working day. Why does it make such a difference? Drawing on years of experience, the team liaise with data providers and developers, as well as fill in any gaps in information – utilising their industry knowledge and relationships to help the transaction progress smoothly for all parties.

Want to find out more? 

tmgroup don’t operate on a one size fits all approach. We can develop processes within our service to help meet your needs and save you time. 

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