Visiting multiple websites costs conveyancers time and clients

Conveyancers are busy people, often handling hundreds of cases across any given month. With delays costing them time, money, and even clients, they don’t have time to waste when processing transactions.

Yet new research we conducted in recent weeks* has shown that some UK conveyancers are wasting precious time by visiting up to 13 web sites in order to complete a single transaction.

We found that the most commonly used web sites include Land Registry (98%) and search providers (80%), with Google Maps (66%), Insurance (51%) and NHBC (48%) also high on the list.

Slow service can damage your reputation and reduce recommendations

Clients rarely have a grasp of just how busy their appointed conveyancer is and will regularly chase them up to find out what is happening with their property transaction.

Slow responses and unnecessary delays can lead to a disappointing experience for the client, and subsequently reduce the likelihood of them recommending your services.

With just 8% of clients contacting solicitors online (according to Home Moving Trends 2015 [download report here ], recommendations and repeat business account for a staggering 92% of new business for conveyancers.

Finding ways to save time can help improve client satisfaction

In a competitive industry, this means that conveyancers need to be taking proactive steps to reduce the time it takes to process each transaction; improving client satisfaction and the chances of receiving positive recommendations.

One of the key ways conveyancers can do this is to invest in solutions which help them to save time. For example, the tmconvey system which provides 5 of the most popular web site services in one site, including tmgroup’s new integrated Map Search solution which saves conveyancers the additional visit to the Land Registry portal.

The Map Search service enables you to quickly establish via a map; the location of land or property, whether it is registered and any associated title numbers, making it quick and easy to carry out title investigation.

Users can then create the case and go on and order additional searches, insurance, and similar products, keeping everything in one place; ultimately streamlining the process for you and your colleagues.

By using services such as this, conveyancers can save valuable time and focus their efforts on providing a pro-active service to their clients, leading to happier clients and more referral business – the best type of business there is!

*The survey was conducted during June-August 2016 by leading property data provider tmgroup, asked conveyancers “How many websites do you visit during a conveyancing transaction?”

About tmconvey and Map Search

The Map Search facility is available as part of tmconvey – tmgroup’s comprehensive conveyancing platform, giving property solicitors everything they need to manage a property transaction.

Existing tmgroup customers can take advantage of the service straight away simply by logging into their account, whilst conveyancers not currently using tmconvey can sign up for a free, no-obligation trial.

To watch our latest webinar on Map Search click here

Visit /convey/MappingTools for more details.

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