We've rebranded

We are excited to tell you that we have refreshed our branding to better reflect our range of services and to highlight the fact that, through our people and smart technology, we save you time.

Take a little time to familiarise yourself with the new, improved tmgroup…

Not just figuratively, but literally. Our helpdesk and account support are there for you if you have any questions, queries or quandaries; whilst we are always developing easy-to-use, time saving solutions that make your life easier.

Our award-winning conveyancing platform, providing more property searches than any other provider. It also includes integrated insurance services, our Quote Conversion Tool and risk management tools.

Our online property data hub which helps local authorities and other search providers streamline their operations, save time and reduce costs.

A platform used by the various parties involved in a property transaction to access and share information on the progress. It has handled over 120,000 transactions in 2015 and we’re adding more services to it every month.

Over recent years we’ve gone through significant transformation by introducing many new services for property professionals. We hope this rebrand will make it easier to understand how we can help you.

You will notice that the system you log into has changed its name, but the access points and contacts will remain the same and the quality service and support you have come to expect will be as good as ever. In 2016, we will be rolling out more time saving services than ever before.

Since 1999, our mission has been to make the property transaction quicker, easier and safer for the benefit of all and that’s as true now as it’s ever been.

Our rebrand was about shining on a light on that, as well as what defining what differentiates us from other companies – making our mission clear to everyone we look after.

When we took a step back and examined what it is that makes us different, we realised that it was our people and our technology that set us apart.

So our message is: “we make time for you” and we do that by listening to people and responding quickly, also by literally ‘making time’ through smart, time-saving solutions that make life easier for all involved in the property transaction.

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We've rebranded

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