TOP TIP : Promote your firm : Being ‘too busy’ could be damaging your business

Ahead of our Risky Business Roadshow, Clare Yates from tmgroup explains how setting aside just 30 minutes each day could make a big difference to your firm’s performance: 

“The property industry is constantly changing and it can be hard to keep track of what is going on – but have you ever wondered when being ‘too busy’ could become detrimental to your business?

Is it when we cannot deliver on our own service promises? Is it when we fail to respond to emails on the same day? Is it when we are ‘too busy’ to look for possible solutions to our problems?

So, here is the question. If I offered you 30 minutes of extra time every working day – what would you do with it?

• Would you ask your team how they are and what is going on?

• Would you spend just a minute or two more with each customer?

• Would you start conversations about solutions to being ‘too busy’?

Taking the time to reflect and find answers to these questions can help ensure your firm keeps moving forward – even when you are feeling ‘too busy’.”

Join us for our Risky Business Roadshow to find out more

Clare Yates will be part of our guest speaker line-up at our Risky Business Roadshow events this November, which will explore how firms can better protect, prepare and promote their businesses. 

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