TOP TIP – Protect your firm: 95% of data losses involve insiders

Ahead of our Risky Business Roadshow, Graeme McGowan from BeCyberSure explains why 95% of data losses involve “insiders” and how you can help to reduce the risk in your law firm:

“Disgruntled employees may be more liable to pose as insider threats out of a desire for revenge, a plan to steal data and sell it to competitors, or simple greed combined with lack of respect for the law firm. 

To help manage the risk and better protect your firm from insider threats, you should make a conscious effort to monitor any disgruntled employees. If possible, you should also make an effort to address the source of their unhappiness to improve the situation.”

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Graeme McGowan will be part of our guest speaker line-up at our Risky Business Roadshow events this November, which will explore how firms can better protect, prepare and promote their businesses. 

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