TOP TIP - Protect your firm: No one single security feature can keep you safe

Ahead of our Risky Business Roadshow, Matthew Newton from Oosha Ltd explains why all firms should take a multi-layered approach to security:  

“Be it from cyber-attack or data breach, there is no denying that the risks facing firms have never been greater. With that in mind, it’s important to take a multi-layered security approach that ensures all your vulnerabilities are covered.

Not one single security feature is fully effective on its own. That’s why it’s important to implement software and malware updates, password management, encryption, network penetration testing, email security, anti-virus, web traffic management, and user activity monitoring, as well as cyber awareness training.”

Join us for our Risky Business Roadshow to find out more

Matthew Newton will be part of our guest speaker line-up at our Risky Business Roadshow events this November, which will explore how firms can better protect, prepare and promote their businesses. 

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