“User-friendly” Post-Completion Services save conveyancers even more time

Is Post-Completion work taking up too much of your team’s time? Here Hand Morgan & Owen Solicitors, McDonald’s Restaurants Limited, and Thomson Snell & Passmore LLP share how tmconvey’s integrated SDLT & AP1 submission has made their lives easier…

> “If a colleague is off sick or on holiday, I can continue to progress their SDLT and AP1 submissions”

“We like the tmconvey platform and find it very easy to use. It is colourful and easy to find your way around. I also find it very useful to be able to see everyone’s cases, so if a colleague is off sick or on holiday, I can continue to progress their SDLT and AP1 submissions and meet our tight deadlines. 

Before using tmconvey’s Post-Completion services, we were visiting different websites and logging into HMRC and Land Registry separately. We were also printing off the paper AP1 form, before filling it out, scanning it and uploading it. It was all very time consuming, but now it’s so much easier. 

The support from the tmgroup team is also fantastic and I can’t commend them highly enough. The Helpdesk is great and our Account Manager is superb. Everyone is just so willing to help.”

Comments from : 

Victoria Follows, Partner, Property Department, Hand Morgan & Owen Solicitors

> “Information is pulled through from my case and automatically pre-filled in my SDLT and AP1 forms”

“I’ve been using tmgroup’s new Post-Completion service – with SDLT and AP1 submission – for about a month. It’s really user friendly especially as it has all of the features of existing services, and more. I also find it helpful that information is pulled through from my case and automatically pre-filled in my SDLT and AP1 forms, as this definitely saves time. 

I’ve also been very impressed with how quickly the tm team have acted on any suggestions I’ve made for further enhancing their Post-Completion services – with some being implemented within just a few hours! It’s great to feel I’m being listened to.”

Comments from : 

Samuel Hammond, Paralegal at McDonald’s Restaurants Limited

> “I like the layout of the SDLT form, as it is easier for our clients to understand and approve the information” 

“Submitting SDLT forms is much easier on tmconvey, as it pulls through information from the case such as the property address, which is good. I like the layout of the SDLT form too, which makes it easier for our fee earners and our clients to understand, so they can approve the information easily. 

It’s also great that the SDLT form is half the size, which is a bonus when we’re working towards becoming paper light, but still need to print SDLT forms off for our records for the time being. 

It’s also good that by the time you get to the AP1 form, and have already completed your searches and your SDLT, it copies across the agent details, property address, and copies across the SDLT5 too – so you don’t have to scan and save.”

Comments from : 

Anna Connett, Legal Secretary (Residential Conveyancing) at Thomson Snell & Passmore LLP

Post-Completion services AVAILABLE NOW on tmconvey 

Complementing the existing SDLT submission service, our new AP1 submission is now available on tmconvey. 

Visit our dedicated webpage to find out more and see a video demo. 

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